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Tenerife Family Photo Session

Tenerife Family Photo Session

Tenerife, on Brisbane’s east side, is not a huge area. In fact, sometimes I am not sure where Tenerife starts or ends with Newstead or New Farm however it is jam packed with little alley ways and nooks and crannies with old style red bricks, framed doorways, green ivy and awesome street art. Not to mention a long row of mouth watering and tantalising restaurants and coffee shops.

This family chose that area specifically for the architecture and opportunities it presented us with. After compiling a map of the area’s photographic spots, Mum (Belinda) decided that she should bring the boy’s scooters as walking distance was quite long. In the end we decided that due to the sun it would be too hard to visit all the locations – however this shows you just how many possibilities there are in such a small area.  The sun did present a few problems but nothing that we couldn’t handle!

Although one of the boys was a little shy and coy at first, they all warmed up and we had a great time running, jumping and of course scooting as fast as possible whilst making buffalo impressions. How life like they were too! Seriously, good impressions of a buffalo charging. They were so much fun and still make me laugh when I think back to them.

After 10 years of marriage together Belinda and Nigel were just hopping off on a child-free holiday to Tasmania. I wasn’t envious in the slightest lol! With Grandma taking over the reigns the boys had lots of exciting things planned to do – but I was still thinking about a child-free holiday in Tassie 🙂

I cannot wait to see what this family pick out for their favourites and to print. I get very excited at picking up prints and seeing them hang in people’s homes. I am always so appreciative of people investing their time and money in me that I love to invest in quality prints for their homes.

A big thank you to Belinda and her family for making this session such fun!



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