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A studio session with little Mia | Milton Photogapher

I recently welcomed this little bundle of fun in for her studio session. Little Mia is 13 months old and she doesn’t sit still! She’s a gorgeous bundle of energy that kept me on my toes for the entire session.

It’s a really good job that I had FIVE separate areas set up because we used them all – and more than once!

What I have learned with little children (clearly I forgot from having my own?) is that they get bored very quickly. And when I say very quickly, I mean VERY quickly. Sometimes a children’s studio session may only last 30 minutes because they’ve had enough. I tend to go with the provision that ten minutes per area/backdrop is enough for little people who want to be busy and on the move.

It means I have to work quickly but I like that. It means I have to think quickly too and any exercise for the brain is good!

I have decided to use blog templates to showcase my photos. In some instances this means that the photo is resized for the template and sometimes cuts off arms/legs/hands. Please don’t worry, the photos are in fact full size when they’re give to the client and no limbs are cut off.

My current host provider has limited me to a 1MB upload limit. Whilst I search for a new host provider, file sizes will need to be seriously compressed and quality of the images may be affected. 🙁

If you’re interested in booking me for a studio session or any other session, please get in touch either through here or Facebook.

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