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Studio maternity session with Susan

Back in May, just before we left Brisbane, I welcomed Susan and her daughter into the studio.

For those of you who don’t know, I was ever so slightly in love with my studio. This is a slight understatement! When I moved into the new studio, I upgraded lots of my equipment and started using strobe lights. If you’d had a session with me in my old, home-based studio, you’d remember how small it was and how hot the constant lights became. Well, strobe lights flash when they’re triggered and really don’t omit any heat!  Plus my new studio was about 5 times the size of the previous one.  It truly was an awesome space and I was so excited to shoot my first maternity session in it.

Susan sent me some inspirational photos and came requesting a black back-drop. For the below five photos, we went for a simple look using a long, purple maternity gown from Photo Prop Palace and a two light set-up.

3 vert

2 vertB


Susan is an actress so needless to say she was amazing in front of the camera. She did her own hair & make-up, which looked fabulous. Those eyebrows are to die for!  Susan was nearly 8 months pregnant and I couldn’t believe how full of energy and vibrant she was. She brought a whole new meaning to the term “Strong Mamma” and she totally rocked her session in those killer heals!

Since I started photographing, I had always wanted a cream backdrop big enough to photograph adults. Sadly I never had the space to welcome “another” roll of paper, however with all the space my studio in Milton provided I was able to have two rolls of paper in use at a time. Needless to say, I virtually ran to the shops (OK, so I skipped merrily to their online shop) and paced impatiently until it was delivered.  A big thanks to Kayell Australia for delivering this gorgeous fawn coloured paper to me, in super-quick time!

I wanted to contrast these photos with the black paper and go for a very light and bright setup. I used three lights and a very pale, pink furry rug for this look.  The feminine and lacy three-piece skirt and top combo came from TAoPaN.

Studio maternity session

Studio maternity sessionStudio maternity session


Mum to two, Susan brought her youngest daughter and soon-to-be big sister with her. What a little super-star she was. She wasn’t overly keen on the camera but as soon as we had jumping competitions a beautiful smile appeared across her face.  I always try to get the best out of my little stars and no amount of effort is too much! Children are precious and unique, each require a slightly different approach and I love that. It really keeps me on my toes.

Studio maternity session

Studio maternity session


A big thank you to Susan for allowing me this opportunity to photograph her. I really like these photos and I hope you do too.

As you’re all aware I now live in Lyon, France. If you’re interested in booking a session please get in touch with me via the contact page or Facebook.

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