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North Burleigh beach wedding | Milton Photographer

Just before Christmas, right in the middle of storm season, I went to photograph Karin and Joey’s north Burleigh, beach wedding.

Mother nature played a dark cloud that day as big grey clouds filled the sky, the wind raced past whipping our faces and little plops of rain dropped down. It didn’t, however, dampen the spirits of this wedding party who had flown down from Port Douglas in Queensland’s far north tropics to celebrate on the Gold Coasts infamous beaches.

With their three children all present, this wedding was a bit special. It had certainly been a while in the planning! Their eldest son, Z, did a brilliant job as ring bearer whilst their youngest, Z, did his best impression of a limpet! At only 10 months old, he did not want to be separated from his Mummy and she duly obliged carrying him most of the way through the ceremony.  Their middle child, also named Z, was adorable as a flower girl and did a great job of scattering the flowers.

Starting off photographing the party in the comfort of their hotel rooms at Hi-Surf Apartments where hair and makeup were applied by Allure Hair and the elegant flowers created by Casa Flora, this lovely couple eagerly braved the stormy weathers to say, I do.  Karin & Joey opted for a sand ceremony which was performed by Celebrant Clarah Luxford and the wedding stylist coordinating the arch, seating and parasols was Beautiful weddings.

Sadly as the wind speeds picked up and the rain tumbled down, we lost the majority of the wedding party and had to jump ship to Outrigger to complete the family photos.  As you can see from some of the photos, their youngest son was not a happy bunny so what did we do? We sat and waited for him to be fed! I always put my client’s needs first and when a little baby needs feeding, I will always wait.

As you might be able to see, I have shared a lot more images than usual. This is because somebody asked me why I share so few. Well, to be honest, I always though after seeing 30 images people would get bored.. however, on this occasion I have shared over 70. Let me know if you think it is too many!?

If you’re interested in booking me for your beach wedding, please get in touch.


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