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Natalia aka Learning how to shoot in the sun

Natalie aka Learning how to shoot in the sun

Back in September 2014, I attended a short course that started to teach me about taking photos at the height of the midday sun.  The sun is the biggest source of problem for any photographer – unless of course you have huge strobe lights! Really, you don’t want to be taking your kids for a picnic in the park, with 2 huge strobes and a camera though, so best to stay out of the sun in those circumstances however this course started to show me how best to use lights, reflectors and flashes during the day.

I started editing the photos although maybe edited about 5 before I realised that I was doing them no justice. I just couldn’t do what I wanted to, I didn’t have the skillset that was required. I left them in the depths of LightRoom (editing software), gathering dust (sort of) until last week – 8 months on! Maybe  I’ll revisit them in another 8 months and see all the glaring errors I’ve made? For now, I am happy with the progress I’ve made.

I have my favourites, but which are yours? Let me know!


Natasha Model 4 Natasha Model 5 Natasha Model 6 Natasha Model 7 Natasha Model 8 Natasha Model 9 Natasha Model 10 Natasha Model 11 Natasha Model 1 Natasha Model 2 Natasha Model 3



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