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Maleny Maternity Sunrise Session, One Tree Hill.

Holly’s Maternity Sunrise Session:

I got up rather early for this. 3:30am to be precised! I was very surprised by how alert and full of energy I was – until about lunchtime when it felt like I’d already been up for an entire day!

I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going. I had a vague address, some instructions which didn’t make a huge amount of sense and a GPS that couldn’t find where I was supposed to be. It was pitch black when we left and my assistant discovered that our map doesn’t cover that part of the Sunshine Coast. Somehow we managed to make it in one piece up to Maleny and by sheer luck I slammed the brakes on just as a lone tree caught the glimpse of my eye. It isn’t hard to spot this single, lonely hinterland tree if you know what you’re looking for but in the depths of moonshine, it isn’t that easy either. It isn’t difficult to work out why this spot is called ‘One Tree Hill’.

I had some clear ideas of what I wanted to achieve but I hadn’t taken into account the cows or the cowpats. The cows were friendly, although the cowpats less so, and as the sun rose over the Glasshouse Mountains I stepped in a fair few dashing madly over the green fields trying to capture  Holly and those thick clouds reflecting the rising sun.

We had a great time up on that hill top and it was lovely to meet Holly. Hard to believe that she is due so soon. She radiated the sun’s glowing rays in her confident way. Holly will be re-training as a beauty therapist after her baby is born and it isn’t hard to see why!

I thought that as we were up in the hills with that amazing view and those clouds, I might have another go at some fine art.  I had some gowns especially designed by Propjar for the occasion. The Emily maternity dress is the white one and the chiffon dress (pink 0ne) both complimented the style I was looking for and as I couldn’t choose between the two, I thought I should buy both 🙂 Despite the beautiful sunny morning there was very little wind, so we were forced to hold the dress’s tail up and pretend!  I still love the effects that we were able to create though.  We also used a purple gown by Photo Prop Palace.

Scroll down for a selection of photos that aren’t fine art.

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