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Hindu Garage Wedding:

The Hindu temple of Sri Selva in South Maclean has been in the process of redevelopment for nearly five years.  When the temple opens on May 1st it will a joyous occasion for all of those who have contributed to its creation. Until then, the Hindu people have been using the adjacent garage to worship and pray.

IN the Hindu culture marriage is one of the most important rites of passage as it symbolises a transition from the first stage of life (devoted to education and learning) to the second stage which is devoted to the raising of children and household.  In Hindu scripture, marriage is a sacrament that unties the bride and groom into one soul and spirit.

The marriage ceremony is based on the marriage of Surya (daughter of Savita (the Sun)) to Ashwinikumar. The ceremony is conducted in Sanskrit (similar to Latin) and is ony of the oldest languages in the world.

Habitually a ceremony passes over three hours and during various rituals, however because this couple were already married in Sri Lanka some years ago, the ceremony was much shorter.  In traditional marriages the couple pledge allegiance to themselves as well to other gods and walk seven steps together committing seven marriage vows to protect their future lives. In this instance, the couple and their guests walked around the building.

The traditional hosts are usually the parents however as their parents were unable to attend Hari & Suba hosted the wedding and get-together afterwards.

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