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First visitors to the new studio | Milton Photographer

So, I’ve been a little slow at blogging about this. It happened in February as I opened up the new studio and welcomed my first visitors in.

Was I ready? Yes, definitely. Was I apprehensive? Yes, astonishingly so lol. Whenever something is new and in the test period it is always an anxious time however it is absolutely invaluable in teaching you what works and what doesn’t. I discovered lots of things that needed tweaking and have hopefully been able to do that. Every time someone comes into the studio, I learn a little more about the space, the equipment and of course me. Every day is invaluable in teaching me how to become a better photographer for you!

My first visitors were old timers to me. I’d met with them previously when I lived in St Lucia and photographed them for their one year anniversary. Do you recognise them? They’re adorable.
As I’m sure I’ve told you before this lovely, sweet couple are originally from Persian Iran. Both extremely clever, over here completing a PhD in Geology. They were a delight to photograph and as always they mesmerised me with tales of Iran and answered my silly questions about life there and how it compares to Australia. Of course, I am originally English and I am fascinated with different cultures and traditions. I love to see how they differ and compare.

My first visitors were photographed in four separate areas using black paper, cream paper, the bed and the corner of the walls. I was able in post-processing to change the black paper to grey-mottled and I am really happy with the effect. I already have my sights on a grey backdrop for the future!

I also learnt something new about myself. As artists we grow, change and develop. When I started out photography a few moons ago, I shunned fine art photography. I didn’t even really give the concept another glance – it was a nice idea for other photographers, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. However, I have been more and more enraptured with other photographers fine art work and thought that I would have a go. I’m so pleased that I did as it has unleashed a new, more creative side of me that I am enjoying exploring. I am hoping to be able to offer one fine art photo to everybody who books a package.

Let me know what you think? Do you like the fine art photo or is it not for you? It is heavily edited and took a few hours to achieve. The mottled effect is called texture and I can add it in using layers on photoshop. This is work in progress as I am only learning and it is very much still through trial and error.


first visitors


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