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Family photography of six in the studio | Milton Photographer

Family photography

This lovely family of six, joined me in the studio for their family photography session.  With four children aged under 6 years, I knew it would be a challenge. Family photography is always consuming, not because families themselves are challenging but because trying to coordinate lots of  little bottoms into sitting still, looking at the camera and smiling is always difficult!

I have to say, these guys were really good. I decided to give them little tasks to help me, so I had the light watcher to check if the lights flashed and then I had the screen checker and sometimes the button presser to make sure that the photos looked ok on the screen… it worked pretty well.  I watched a video once of an American photographer using a feather duster on a stick to get children’s attention, I may have to try that next time.

These little guys were great though, full of energy and bursting with personality. Such a delight to hear about school and what games and books they’re reading and playing. Of course, Minecraft featured strongly but interestingly they were reading the exact same book that we are currently reading to our kids.

Mum requested the colours of green or blue and luckily I have green paper on a roll.  The rolls of paper are about 2.6m wide, so it doesn’t leave a huge amount of room, however we were still able to use the bed, blue spots, gold bokeh and wood! PHEW.  It’s a good job I had a nice big space to use.

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